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Accidents are definitely painful. Sometimes, even if it’s a minor accident, it could cause musculoskeletal issues in your neck and upper back region. An abrupt jerk of the head in either the backward or the forward direction can cause whiplash. If you are experiencing any such kind of chronic physical pain, whiplash symptoms, or sprains after a road accident, get in touch with Legacy Chiropractic & Wellness. This kind of pain should never be ignored, as it can pose a future risk, if not treated properly and immediately. Our chiropractors and therapists can help you get rid of the pain and the strains related to motor vehicle accident injuries in Calgary. Our adjustments and therapies can realign your affected area and prevent the pain from spreading or increasing.


Our multidisciplinary chiropractic clinic offers a wide range of modalities to provide you long-term healing. From physiotherapy to active release therapy and shockwave, we have all the provisions in our clinic which will help you relax your muscles. Since all types of pain are not the same, we work with you to devise a dedicated treatment plan tailored to the injury you are dealing with. We also advise you about the way you should take care of your health with proper eating habits, exercise, stretching, and ergonomics. 

If you are experiencing any kind of post-motor-vehicle-accident pain, contact us today to book your initial appointment. We will provide a proper diagnosis and treatment plan during your consultation.


Get long-lasting relief from your musculoskeletal pain.

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